30 Days of Homeschool – Day 17: Effective Communication

*(reminder: 1 – this is just 1 of my 30 posts about free resources for homeschool)

Earlier this morning, I read this article, about effective communication in business, on Inc. and thought it fits perfectly with schooling at home – some great words to heed.

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30 Days of Homeschool – Day 13 : Load up your computer with free software

(reminder – this is about free resources for homeschool, in 30 non-consecutive posts…meaning: there won’t be a post every day, but there will be 30 🙂  )

PREFACE/ENCOURAGEMENT/PONTIFICATION: I’m always on the lookout for free or low-cost things for PCs, servers, mobile devices, et al. The computer isn’t necessarily free, but with a computer and an internet connection (or if someone you trust can give these things to you on a thumb drive) then you’re set!

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