30 Days of Homeschool – Day 10: Relaxation

(reminder – this is about free resources for homeschool, in 30 non-consecutive posts…meaning: there won’t be a post every day, but there will be 30 🙂  )

PREFACE/ENCOURAGEMENT/PONTIFICATION: Relaxing. That can make one dream of a vacation, or it can bring on terror, and every emotion in-between, EXCEPT for the feeling it’s intended to bring. Relaxation is release of tension; it’s not collapse. It’s not freedom from responsibility, or slumping your shoulders. Homeschoolers do so many things that it can be very hard to adjust, especially in the beginning when you’re teaching math, science, history, geography, grammar, changing diapers, answering phone calls and emails, etc. Before too long, our shoulders are up by our ears, we’re slouching and not breathing properly, our feet hurt, and we find that our head has been down for hours to see how the kids are doing/scanning the floor for toys, Legos, old food, wet spots, etc.

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