Acorns and Peace


Verlyn Verbrugge (Chapter 7 Genitive and Dative,Basic of Biblical Greek, William D Mounce) writes:

Peace on earth, good will toward men” (Luke 2:14, KJV).  You have probably all received Christmas cards containing this part of the angels’ song to the shepherds on the fields of Bethlehem.  But most modern translations read differently: “on earth peace to men on whom his [God’s] favor rests” (NIV); “and on earth peace among those whom he [God] favors” (NRSV). The difference between the KJV and the others is the difference between the nominative and the genitive.

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When the Norm Becomes the Rule

What is “special needs”? It’s when a person is 2 years or more behind the normal progress in development.

What is the measure of intelligence? How fast someone gives the right answer.

What is spiritual growth? It’s when certain milestones are reached along the way toward spiritual maturity.

These are normal answers…and they’re all wrong. Well, not necessarily wrong, but they’re not right. They are simply measurements.

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