I’m a Christian, husband to one wife, father of ten children, home educator, IT guy, barefoot runner, lifelong learner, percussionist. I also enjoy roasting (and drinking) my own coffee. These are overview and big-puzzle-piece descriptors – I’m into all kinds of things, but the aforementioned descriptions are a start.

The title of this blog came from an Action Principle that I wrote several years ago. It was published on http://www.success.org, but the site has since changed and the individual Action Principles have been removed. Here’s a link to the original page:

Here’s the entry:

When it comes to achieving a goal, be guided by this motto: “Anything is progress.” Maybe you can’t wash all the dishes, but you can wash some of them. You can’t paint the whole house, but you can paint some of it. You might not be able to put 3 hours at a time into starting your book, but you can put down an outline or interview one person.

Whatever your goal, do something to progress toward it, whether household chores, raising children, investing, starting your own business, exercise — anything that leads you toward that dream is progress.

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