Years ago, I posted the following (abbreviated) entry to a site dealing with taking action:

“When it comes to achieving a goal, be guided by this: “Anything is progress.” Maybe you can’t wash all the dishes, but you can wash some of them…You might not be able to put 3 hours at a time into starting your book, but you can put down an outline or interview one person. Whatever your goal, do something to progress toward it, whether household chores, raising children, investing, starting your own business, exercise — anything that leads you toward that dream is progress.”

 This site is about persevering. You have goals, but very likely life gets in the way. TV, movies, biographies – they all do what they’re supposed to do…scrunch someone’s life into a digestible timeframe by showing the highlights and using artistic license. Media that summarizes life has become a great deal of society’s educational fare, but much of real life is the little things – brushing teeth, getting to meetings on time, checking systems, looking for errors, getting over an illness, holiday parties, answering emails, parenting, working, practicing.

Your aspirations should be all yours – not someone else’s. It’s been a couple years since our family pretty much stopped doing extracurricular activities, and while it’s been a big change, we’ve had much greater joy. We’re not rich or well-travelled by any means, but we enjoy being together as a family, and we and our kids have matured exponentially. Before we stopped, we were exhausted, eating poorly, short on cash, consistently getting ill, etc. But now, after making and working toward our own goals, instead of supplying resources for others interests, we’ve been able, in our very modest spot of the world (12 people in a 1300 sq. ft. house, on much less than an acre of land and with a modest income), to do everything we need to do. By a quirk, I’m able to work from home for a company. So our little home is economically viable, and becomes more so all the time.

This site is about humility. If you want to get something like career advancement training, then this isn’t the spot for you. This is primarily about persevering in things that I enjoy, and I hope you’re inspired to persevere in the things that you enjoy. I hope you can see that it’s just fine to stop your extraneous activities, live where you are, and do what you were designed to do. Not everyone needs or wants to slow down, but if you do, you are free to!

Join with me as I explore, among other things, home coffee roasting, home education, the US Constitution, faith and work, how the Bible interacts with all areas of life, barefoot running, fitness at home, urban homesteading, drumming, martial arts. I’m always learning, having been educationally shortchanged in many ways.

Now we’re grown-ups and completely responsible for ourselves. Some days are just simply tough. But never give up, never give in. Anything is progress.

4 thoughts on “Manifesto

  1. I love your attitude and it is true – anything is progress. Too often we get caught up in what we should be doing or ought to be doing without actually doing anything! I believe we need to say yes to life, which your manifesto supports.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! There’s so much to do in life, and it’s too easy to get bogged down in the details of things that, if we were to examine them, really don’t matter to the individual. We each have our own likes and passions and interests, and we can forget that our life is real, not imagined, and if we are trying to be someone else and living out the interests of others instead of living out how we’re made, then there’s an underlying frustration, even hopelessness, to everything we do. So yes, we need to say yes to life – we have it today, so we should make the most of it. It’s real, and it’s ours. Enjoy the day!

      • Thank you for this – it gave me the impetus to write what I need to write today. Now. Today. I’ll give you full credit in the post and link back to you.

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