Cursive, The Decline of Man, and Responsibility


Recently I heard a conversation that went like this:

“A friend of mine, a public school teacher, told me that they’re no longer teaching cursive in school.”

“How will they read old documents?”

“I know! And how will they sign their name? If they can’t sign their name, how will they identify themselves? Here’s how: it’s going to be an embedded chip. We’re just waiting on the Lord’s return!”

So there you have it – the lack of teaching cursive is bringing about the end of the world as we know it, and it’s a sign that the world is going to bring in the mark of the beast…all because cursive is no longer taught.

There’s a big scare going on about cursive not being taught, and here are some things to keep in mind.

Kids don’t read old documents anyway, so learning cursive won’t help. Here’s a demonstration: look at an old copy of the Declaration of Independence, or the US Constitution. They’re not that old, but you’ll notice that you can’t really read them. They’re in an old style of writing that we no longer use, and are no longer taught. We can make it out, but we can’t really read them – we just simply surmise what is written based on what we know. Those old-fashioned middle Ss – the ones that look Fs without the crossbar – are all throughout.

What about grandma’s letters? The fact is, kids don’t get emotional about the contents of the letters – they just love having a letter from grandma. By all means – keep those letters! Those letters from ancestors are treasures. When your children are older they’ll appreciate them and will want to read them. I’ll talk about that next.

What if they want to read it? Well, it’s not that hard to read and write cursive. Like many things in the modern educational system, it’s aggrandized and made to be harder and more laborious than it needs to be. Cursive is simply calligraphy; calligraphy is art; so cursive is art. When seen for the art that it really is, it becomes much easier to learn. Older children and adults can do art much better than kids, so they’ll be able to easily see the letters. Teach them to look for patterns, and they’ll figure it out.

Because it doesn’t take an expert to teach cursive, and it doesn’t take long to teach, any parent can do it. So if you want your child to read and write cursive, all you have to do is teach them during some evenings or weekends. People seemed to be shocked when a school stops teaching something. Why so shocked? Because the widespread concept is that the schoolteachers are the only ones with that knowledge, and that’s simply not true. You, the parent or caregiver, are the best teacher in your child’s life – there’s no “secret knowledge” that schools have that you don’t. So go for it: take a few evenings or weekends and teach your children cursive. Or not – it’s not the end of the world.

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