Enjoying Life and Glorifying God

Ecclesiastes 8:15
“So I recommend the enjoyment of life, for there is nothing better on earth for a person to do except to eat, drink, and enjoy life. So joy will accompany him in his toil during the days of his life which God gives him on earth.”

I become more and more convinced that glorifying God means that we enjoy whatever we are given to do.

Colossians 3;23 says, “Whatever you are doing, work at it with enthusiasm, as to the Lord and not for people..”

Not doing this is why so many people are depressed, out of shape, uneducated – just about whatever negative word you can apply. Not every negative event is due to lack of enjoying life – there are certainly many negative situations over which we have no control, such as a congenital defect or a force majeure.

This post is NOT about health; it’s about the fix for the general malaise that so many people experience, and almost everyone has at some time.

To enjoy life, to enjoy eating and drinking, to do whatever we do with enthusiasm – that’s what we should do. And why? Because they’re: 1. ways that the Holy Spirit is refining us in character; and, 2. ways that Jesus gives us for enjoyment.

We bypass much of it because it forces us to get off of our duff. We are comfortable sitting there, knowing what we already know, thinking what we already thinking, doing what we already do. In short, we use to have a groove; and it has turned into a rut.

We should enjoy sunsets, but we should also enjoy thunderstorms. We should enjoy air conditioning, but we should also get out and enjoy mowing in the 90 degree heat. We should enjoy eating, and enjoy cleaning the dishes. We should enjoy reading, and also talking to others.

I know I would rather sit, eat, read, and write. But before too long my back aches, my legs are sore, I’m not breathing as well as I should – all because I’ve sat motionless and in bad posture for hours; there are simply other duties to perform, such as mowing, diaper changing, grocery shopping, and, of all things (gasp!) working at my job. So I’ve long since given up the dream of just doing what I want. Life on earth goes beyond that, to enjoying all of those duties, those things that the Lord has given me to do.

There’s so much to do in the world, this world that Jesus made. Of course, there’s a lot of evil in the world – stealing, violence, drunkenness…the list goes on and on of the wickedness that people can devise. But there’s a longer list of good and great things to do – walk barefoot in the grass, sand or dirt; sitting with your spouse and kids, reading terrific books; running; sitting in front of the AC; going for a drive; watching the sun come up; climbing trees; soldering; learning and reciting poetry; yard, lawn and garden care; singing and playing instruments; swimming; woodwork; dancing…

God is gracious. In this fallen and broken world, we have many troubles; there’s no denying or escaping it. So God in His graciousness and lovingkindness has given us the ability to enjoy the part of His creation that has not fallen. You can call them untouched, unsullied, reminders of heaven – whatever you wish to call them, God gives us the ability, through hope in Jesus Christ, to enjoy creation.

We glorify God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit when we enjoy His world, the world that He made, in all its multifaceted splendor, AND give Him the credit.

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